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Picture of the productA Guide to Leadership and Management in Higher Education
A Guide to Leadership and Management in Higher Education: Managing Across the Generations

by Poppy Fitch & Brian Van Brunt

A Guide to Leadership and Management in Higher Education shares an innovative approach to supervision, leadership, and management in the higher education workplace.

Drawing from humanism and positive psychology, Fitch and Van Brunt weave together a compelling narrative for managing employees across generational differences.

This book shares key leadership lessons and advice on how to inspire creativity, increase efficiency, and tap into the talents of your diverse, multi-generational staff.

This guide offers practical and detailed advice on establishing new relationships, setting expectations, encouraging accountability, addressing conflict, and supervising difficult staff.

Focusing on how to build and strengthen connections through genuineness and empathic caring, this book provides important guidance for today’s college and university leaders.

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Picture of the productA Systemic Functional Grammar of English
David Banks

Providing a simple – but not simplistic – introduction to the Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG) of English, this book serves as a launching pad for the beginning student and a review for the more seasoned linguist. With an introduction to SFG through lexicogrammar and the concept of rankshift, this book is the first introduction to SFG (including Appraisal) with examples exclusively sourced from twenty-first century texts. Written for those learning English and English linguistics as a foreign language, this serves as an easy-to-read introduction or refresher course for Systemic Functional Linguistics.

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Picture of the productA-Z of Creative Teaching in Higher Education
by Sylvia Ashton and Rachel Stone

This is a rich source of innovative approaches to learning and teaching in HE. It addresses some common issues faced by lecturers, and includes case studies and practical suggestions for teaching.

The text takes a critical approach to exploring themes from different perspectives and highlights important and recent theory in the field.

Chapters cover themes such as creating enabling learning environments, supporting students to learn constructively in large groups, working with international learners, embedding employability skills and developing self-directed (or ‘flipped’) learning resources. Each section has practical examples from a range of subject disciplines along with links to further reading.

This is an essential guide to teaching and learning for new and experienced practitioners in higher education, those seeking professional accreditation and those wanting to improve the experience of students.

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Picture of the productAcademic Caesar: University Leadership is Hard
by Steve Fuller

Aimed directly at those who aspire to be university leaders in these turbulent times, and written as an academic counterpart to Machiavelli's The Prince, The Academic Caesar explores four themes that are central to the contemporary university: its Caesar-leaders, its economics, its disciplines, and whether academics have a future in the universities.

Drawing on a wealth of experience writing about the social epistemology of higher education, Steve Fuller makes a witty, robust and provocative contribution to the ongoing debate about where the university has come from and where it is going.

The Academic Caesar will prove a fascinating read for those seeking new insights into current crisis in higher education as well as researchers and academics interested in the sociology of leadership.

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Picture of the productAcademic Practice: Developing as a Professional
Academic Practice: Developing as a Professional in Higher Education

Author: Saranne Weller

Taking a broad contemporary view of higher education, this book explore keys topics that all academics will need to engage with in order to survive and flourish in today and increasingly complex higher education environment.  Key topics include  teaching for employability and graduate attributes; responding to the internationalisation agenda; engaging with the dimensions of the digital university; enacting interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and scholarship; exploring teaching-research links in the curriculum; enabling inclusive approaches to student engagement and student voice.

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Picture of the productAcademic Writing and Dyslexia
Academic Writing and Dyslexia: A Visual Guide to Writing at University

by Adrian J. Wallbank

This book presents a unique visual approach to academic writing and composition specifically tailored to the needs of dyslexic students in higher education. Readers will learn to successfully structure and articulate their ideas, get to grips with critical reading, thinking and writing, and fulfil their full academic potential.

The ‘writing process’ is demystified and techniques for writing compelling, insightful and mark generating essays are conveyed via innovative and meaningful representations, templates, images, icons and prompts, specifically designed to meet the visual and ‘big picture’ strengths of dyslexic learners. A companion website offers supplementary exercises, examples, videos and a full range of downloadable templates and bookmarks.

Written by a dyslexic for dyslexics, Academic Writing and Dyslexia is underpinned by extensive research. As a dyslexic student you will learn to present your thoughts with confidence, critically evaluate competing arguments and gain top marks. The book will help you bridge the gap between your existing coping strategies and the increased demands and rigours of academic writing at university. It will be an invaluable resource for dyslexic students, academics, dyslexia specialists, learning developers and writing tutors throughout the higher education sector.

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Picture of the productActive Learning Strategies in Higher Education
Active Learning Strategies in Higher Education: Teaching for Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity

by Anastasia Misseyanni, Militiades D Lytras, Paraskevi Papadopoulou and Christina Marouli

This book focuses on selected best practices for effective active learning in Higher Education. Contributors present the epistemology of active learning along with specific case studies from different disciplines and countries. Discussing issues around ICTs, collaborative learning, experiential learning and other active learning strategies.

Section I: Active Learning in Higher Education: A Theoretical Background

1. Towards an Epistemology of Active Learning in Higher Education and its Promise; Lorayne Robertson-á

2. Designing for Active Learning: A Problem Centered Approach; Susan Stetson-Tiligadas

Section II: Active Learning Strategies in Higher Education: Stories and Lessons Learnt

3. Active Learning Stories in Higher Education: Lessons Learned and Good Practices in STEM Education; Anastasia Misseyanni, Paraskevi Papadopoulou, Christina Marouli and Miltiadis Lytras

4. Concepts and communication in the early stages of an environmental science degree: a case study of formative activities and tasks; Peter J. Shaw

5. Active Learning Strategies: Stories and Lessons Learnt - Studying Environment in the Field; Daniel Moscovici and Emma Witt

6. Online Learning as the Catalyst for more Deliberate Pedagogies: A Canadian University Experience; Lorayne Robertson, Wendy Barber and William Muirhead

7. Active, Cooperative Learning in Online Higher Education: The Learning Design for Change Management at the Universitat Obierta de Catalunya; Eva Rimbau-Gilabert

8. Engaging the non-Art History Student: A Tale of Five Football Players (and others) in Roman Art; Gretchen Kreahling McKay

9. Pre-service Teachers and Active Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning: The Case of the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic; Zbynek Filipi and Lucie Rohlíková

10. Intercultural Talent Management Model and its Application as an Active Teaching and Learning Strategy: Pre-Service Teachers in a New Time and Space Dimension: Virtuality; Eileen Sepveda Valenzuela, Marcelo Careaga Butter and María Graciela Badilla-Quintana

11. Active Learning in Practice: Techniques and Experiences in Information Systems Courses in Brazil; Ronney Moreira de Castro, Sean W. M. Siqueira, César Augusto R. Bastos, Maria Cristina Pfeiffer Fernandes

12. Using Socrative App for Accounting Students in Higher Education; Inés González-González, Cristina Alcaide-Muñoz, and Ana Isabel Jimenez-Zarco

13. Enhancing Learner Autonomy and Active Learning Using Digital Portfolio; Linda Pospisilova

Section III: A Vision for Humanity Through Higher Education-á

14. Pedagogical Legacies of Dorothy Lee and Paulo Freire; Azril Bacal Roij

15. A New Vision for Higher Education: Lessons from Education for the Environment and Sustainability; Christina Marouli, Anastasia Misseyanni, Paraskevi Papadopoulou and Miltiadis Lytras

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Picture of the productAims of Higher Education: Problems of Morality and Justice
Author: Harry Brighouse and Michael McPherson

In this book, philosopher Harry Brighouse and Spencer Foundation president Michael McPherson bring together leading philosophers to think about some of the most fundamental questions that higher education faces. Looking beyond the din of arguments over how universities should be financed, how they should be run, and what their contributions to the economy are, the contributors to this volume set their sights on higher issues: ones of moral and political value. The result is an accessible clarification of the crucial concepts and goals we so often skip over - even as they underlie our educational policies and practices.

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Picture of the productAn Academic Life: A Memoir
by Hanna Holburn Gray

Hanna Holborn Gray has lived her entire life in the world of higher education. The daughter of academics, she fled Hitler's Germany with her parents in the 1930s, emigrating to New Haven, where her father was a professor at Yale University. She has studied and taught at some of the world's most prestigious universities. She was the first woman to serve as provost of Yale. In 1978, she became the first woman president of a major research university when she was appointed to lead the University of Chicago, a position she held for fifteen years. In 1991, Gray was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, in recognition of her extraordinary contributions to education.

An Academic Life is a candid self-portrait by one of academia's most respected trailblazers. Gray describes what it was like to grow up as a child of refugee parents, and reflects on the changing status of women in the academic world. She discusses the migration of intellectuals from Nazi-held Europe and the transformative role these exiles played in American higher education - and how the émigré experience in America transformed their own lives and work. She sheds light on the character of university communities, how they are structured and administered, and the balance they seek between tradition and innovation, teaching and research, and undergraduate and professional learning.

An Academic Life speaks to the fundamental issues of purpose, academic freedom, and governance that arise time and again in higher education and that pose sharp challenges to the independence and scholarly integrity of each new generation.

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Picture of the productAssessment in Higher Education
Assessment in Higher Education: Of Student Learning, Teaching, Programmes and Institutions

Author: John Heywood

This revised and updated volume examines the assessment of higher education institutions, teaching programmes and student learning. The author describes in detail the significant developments that have taken place over the last decade in the field, and clarifies the many different meanings of the term ''assessment'' that are now in use. A practical guide for all those involved in design and implementation of outcomes-based assessment, the book explores the issues that arise for policy makers and managers. The author argues that there has been a decisive shift towards the accountability of the institution and the teacher for the quality and effectiveness of what they deliver, and that the form of assessment used to determine quality in practice dictates the style and content of learning. He looks at what this means for higher education, and the various models of assessment available - particularly self-assessment, as economic cutbacks and social pressures for greater choice encourage its rapid growth, and the example of Alverno College in the United States, which is recognized as a world leader in the filed. Drawing on this and his own experiences, the author emphasises the importance of using a wide range of techniques to suit individual assessment needs, and lays out his own multiple strategy assessment model for the assessment, curriculum, learning and teaching process in higher education.

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