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Picture of the productA Guide to Early Years and Primary Teaching
by Dominic Wyse and Sue Rogers

How do people become effective teachers? This is the textbook students need to support them on this journey, no matter their training route or whether primary or early years in focus. Through a unique pairing of academic research and teaching expertise, each chapter is collaboratively authored by an academic specialist and an experienced practitioner to provide a realistic and practical view of teaching children from years 3 - 11.

The book combines all the major topics, theories and research students need to know, along with up-to-date policy and legislation. Inventive and practical learning aids and carefully crafted online resources will help readers to: Understand: helpful learning aims at the beginning and summaries at the end of every chapter guide students through each topic Apply: Spotlight on Practice features highlight real teaching examples, Putting it into Practice features provide advice on how key concepts can be employed in real life whilst classroom activities on the website provide further ideas for teaching Reflect on key concepts, as well as your own practice and values, through the refection points and author podcasts on the website outlining key issues to stimulate critical thinking

Go further with informative annotated further reading at the end of every chapter, links to relevant websites integrated throughout, and carefully selected SAGE journal articles freely available on the website An essential textbook for use across all your primary and early years teaching courses - whether students are training to be lower/upper primary school teachers or early years practitioners, including those on undergraduate or postgraduate teacher training courses and employment-based routes.

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Picture of the productA Rat in a Stripy Sock
A Rat in a Stripy Sock

by Frances Watts
Illustrated by David Francis

From award-winning author Frances Watts comes an uplifting story that shows how happiness can be found in the simplest of things. A book for all ages.

A rain-swept day... A heart-lifting flash of colour! A story about the joy to be had in life's simplest pleasures -especially when they are shared- and finding happiness in the most unexpected places. A book for all ages.

'this is the kind of book that young children can pore and ponder over; the illustrations are simple but vibrant, complementing the text but leaving plenty of detail to ensure the reader will linger over each spread.' Four Stars, Australian Bookseller & Publisher

'...this picture book is a little gem as the rat imagines the difference his stripy sock will make. the illustrations perfectly capture the emotion of the book. the rat's facial expressions are priceless and he is so cute. the text is 'heart-lifting,' to quote a word from the book. It's a book to make you smile and maybe it's also saying something a lot of us need to hear about what is important in life. 'this gentle book is sure to become a favourite with children and their parents. It would make a good story for before bedtime as it's not only short but leaves positive images in the mind. Especially great for 0-3 years but will be enjoyed by those older as well.' Good Reading

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Picture of the productAlways Jack
Always Jack

By Susanne Gervay

Jack's journey continues.... from Susanne Gervay, the long-awaited sequel to I am Jack and Superjack.
Age: 9+

Jack's life is pretty good - he has brilliant friends, everyone loves his funny jokes and he's a great inventor. But things are getting complicated. Nanna's older and wobblier, and why does Jack's face now go red when he sees his best friend Anna? And to top it off Mum and Rob's wedding seems to be taking over the world.

Something really scary has also happened to his mum and it's going to take all of Jack's courage to deal with it.

From the author of the bestselling I AM JACK comes an insightful and inspiring book about the effect of cancer on families.

PBK | 160 Pages

Regular price: 14.99

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Picture of the productAnti-Bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom
Anti-Bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom
By Katie Kissinger

Anti-Bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom provides a useful, clearly outlined guide for implementing anti-bias and anti-oppression practices in early childhood education settings. Throughout the book, you’ll find:

Stories from the field
Strategies for keeping teaching practices in touch with growing social justice movements
Tasks and questions to spark your professional growth in this important area

Katie Kissinger uses her personal experience as a longtime educator to highlight both the challenges and the potential for transformative learning in the anti-bias classroom, and gives other teachers the tools they need to create classrooms that welcome all students and families.

180 pages | PBK

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Picture of the productBegin End Begin : A #LoveOZYA Anthology
Begin End Begin : A #LoveOZYA Anthology

Amie Kaufman Melissa Keil Will Kostakis Ellie Marney Jaclyn Moriarty Michael Pryor Alice Pung Gabrielle Tozer Lili Wilkinson
Edited by Danielle Binks

Bestsellers. Award-winners. Superstars.

This anthology has them all.

With brilliantly entertaining short stories from beloved young adult authors Amie Kaufman, Melissa Keil, Will Kostakis, Ellie Marney, Jaclyn Moriarty, Michael Pryor, Alice Pung, Gabrielle Tozer, Lili Wilkinson and Danielle Binks, this all-new collection will show the world exactly how much there is to love about Aussie YA.

Harnessing the power of the #LoveOzYA social media movement, this anthology features incredible short stories from ten beloved Australian YA authors.

Winner - 2018 Australian Book Industry Awards (Older Children)

Shortlisted - 2018 Inky Awards

Shortlisted - 2017 Aurealis Awards (Best Young Adult Short Story): One Small Step by Amie Kaufman, I Can See the Ending by Will Kostakis, Competition Entry #349 by Jaclyn Moriarty, First Casualty by Michael Pryor and Oona Underground by Lili Wilkinson

Shortlisted - 2017 Aurealis Awards (Best Fantasy Short Story): Oona Underground by Lili Wilkinson

Shortlisted - 2017 Aurealis Awards (Best Science Fiction Short Story): One Small Step by Amie Kaufman

Shortlisted - 2017 Aurealis Awards (Best Science Fiction Novella): I Can See the Ending by Will Kostakis

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Picture of the productBeing Jack
Being Jack

by Susanne Gervay

Being Jack is the fourth and concluding book about Jack - an ordinary boy who does extraordinary things. Jack still loves photography, surfing, and his crazy family, and things are going well until he notices that his best friend Christopher is starting to miss school and hiding out and avoiding everyone. And when a soccer game turns ugly, Jack knows that, again, the bullying has to stop.

Jack is full of heart. And readers see themselves in the Jack books. Things don't go perfectly, but he copes, he survives. He has good friends; he loves his family, even though sometimes they drive him crazy. Now, finally, in Being Jack, life seems to be settling down. No more bullying. No more cancer. No more sort-of-stepdad. Seems to be. But it's real life, this book, so even though his stepdad Rob is great, Jack starts wondering about his real dad. And even though he's not being bullied, other people are. For Jack, it's all about finding the answers to some really tough questions: Should you, could you, find a dad who doesn't seem to care about being found? Do you have enough courage to stand up for your friend, against the people who hurt you? What happens to the line between right and wrong if you do nothing?

Susanne Gervay knows how to make kids laugh, and think, and ask questions - of themselves and others. She writes book kids need to read. So Being Jack, is not just a book that will make kids feel comforted - it's a book that will show them the way towards taking responsibility. Towards standing up for themselves, and others. We are so very proud to have all of the Jack books on our list.

Other Jack titles include: I Am Jack, Super Jack and Always Jack.

PBK | 176 Pages

Regular price: 14.99

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Picture of the productBrindabella
Brindabella Ursula Dubosarsky From an extraordinary novelist and an award-winning illustrator comes this lyrical and unforgettable story about a boy and the untameable wildness of a hand-reared joey. This is a story about a boy called Pender and a kangaroo called Brindabella, about how they became friends, and all the things that happened to them because of it. Pender and his father live in an old house made of honey-coloured stone in the bush by the river, with only the company of his father's paintings and the loyal dog, Billy-Bob. Then, on one winter morning, a gunshot amongst the trees changes everything. When Pender rescues Brindabella from the pouch of her murdered mother, an unusual friendship blossoms between the lonely boy and the orphaned joey. But Brindabella is no ordinary kangaroo. And though Pender has saved her life, the untameable wildness of the bush--and freedom--call to her... Lyrical and unforgettable, Brindabella explores the brutal beauty of the Australian bush.

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Picture of the productBuilding Better Behaviour in the Early Years (With CD-ROM)

Author: Chris Dukes and Maggie Smith

Every early years setting strives to create a calm and positive atmosphere, where children can thrive and develop as successful and confident learners.

By asking you to reflect on how the ethos, practice and general approach in your setting impacts on the behaviour of both children and adults, this book suggest sensible ways to achieve an exciting and stimulating environment for all.

From an award-winning author team, there is down-to-earth advice, a number of common-sense solutions and all the essential information you will need to develop the best sort of setting, where everyone supports one another.

Chapters offer guidance on:
  • creating an enabling environment for all
  • developing a team-based approach
  • considering the whole child
  • working with parents, and other professionals
  • observing and assessing behaviour
  • sharing good practice
There are also:
  • case studies of children between 0 to 5 years
  • sample policies
  • lots of photocopiable material, on the CD-Rom that comes with the book
Suitable for all early years students and practitioners, this book is an encouraging read that will inspire you and help you to improve behaviour in your class or setting.

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Discounted member price: 66.00

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Picture of the productBuilding Knowledge in Early Childhood Education: Young Child
Building Knowledge in Early Childhood Education: Young Children Are Researchers

by Jane Murray

A focal point of early childhood education is how young children build knowledge and the ways that practitioners, parents and carers can help them to do so. Many adults find it challenging to identify what knowledge young children are building and how they do so, making it difficult to support young children’s learning and development in the most effective ways. This essential guide will help you to identify and develop young children’s knowledge and understanding in early years settings, not only in terms of statutory requirements but far beyond them.

Building Knowledge in Early Childhood Education draws on empirical research findings from the Young Children As Researchers (YCAR) project to examine everyday activities and reveal the means that young children use to build knowledge and understanding, as well as exploring the similarities between learning behaviours in early childhood and adult life.

Interweaving everyday activities in practice with research and theory, this book covers:

how young children construct knowledge;
learning, problem-solving and exploring;
concepts and conceptualising in early childhood;
evidence-based decision-making;
how young children behave as researchers.

Offering practical advice and suggestions to create opportunities that identify and facilitate young children’s own constructions of knowledge and understanding, this book is essential reading for practitioners, students and all those interested in the theories surrounding young children as researchers.

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Picture of the productBuilding Positive Momentum for Positive Behavior in Young Ch
Building Positive Momentum for Positive Behavior in Young Children: Strategies for Success in School and Beyond

by Lisa Rogers

Providing practical solutions to common behavioral problems, this book shows how to use the positive momentum approach to encourage long-term positive behaviour among children aged 3-9.

Covering issues such as what to do when a child avoids doing work, when they engage in rough play, and when they won't stay in their seat, this book includes targeted behavioral strategies that start with the underlying foundations of behaviour and result in lasting positive change.

Through real life examples, the book shows how educators can be role models for children, and how school staff can collaborate with families for success beyond the classroom. The book also includes information specific to working with children with special needs. Accompanying behaviour charts and goal mapping resources are available to download to help with tracking a child's progress.

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