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Picture of the product20 Disciplinary Strategies for Working With Challenging Stud
20 Disciplinary Strategies for Working With Challenging Students

Author: William Bender

Fair, effective classroom management strategies are essential in every classroom. Educators at all experience levels are needing practical, research-based strategies to manage difficult situations. 20 Disciplinary Strategies for Working With Challenging Students provides easy-to-implement solutions, such as flipped, technology-based and project-based classroom formats, as well as RTI behavioural improvement programs, to improve disciplinary practice.

In this insightful book, author William N. Bender provides an in-depth, three-tiered disciplinary approach that includes preventative, whole-class and whole-school strategies; guidance for avoiding triggers for misbehaviour; and specific, differentiated strategies for intensive, targeted interventions to ensure that discipline practices are consistently fair and effective. With an emphasis on recent issues and trends, Bender offers practical tips for putting advanced disciplinary strategies to immediate use in the modern classroom and describes the research foundation for each tactic. This book explores:

1. differentiated disciplinary strategies for diverse scenarios
2. solutions for specific challenges in modern discipline
3. recommendations and examples of real-world application.

Teachers and administrators working in all subject areas and year levels can quickly adapt these strategies to meet their needs and improve their classroom management practice. With these proven disciplinary strategies in place, educators are free to focus on the ultimate goal: increasing student learning.

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Picture of the productA Think-Aloud Approach to Writing Assessment
A Think-Aloud Approach to Writing Assessment:
Analyzing Process & Product with Adolescent Writers

Sarah Beck

The think-aloud approach to classroom writing assessment is designed to expand teachers’ perspectives on adolescent students as writers and help them integrate instruction and assessment in a timely way. Emphasising learning over evaluation, it is especially well-suited to revealing students’ strengths and helping them overcome common challenges to writing such as writer’s block or misunderstanding of the writing task.

Through classroom examples, Sarah Beck describes how to implement the think-aloud method and shows how this method is flexible and adaptable to any writing assignment and classroom context. The book also discusses the significance of the method in relation to best practices in formative assessment, including how to plan think-aloud sessions with students to gain the most useful information.

Teachers required to use rubrics or other standardised assessment tools can incorporate the more individualised think-aloud approach into their practice without sacrificing the rigour and consistency more regulated approaches require.

166 Pages | Pbk

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Picture of the productABCs of CBM: A Practical Guide to Curriculum-Based Measureme
ABCs of CBM: A Practical Guide to Curriculum-Based Measurement 2ed

Authors - Michelle Hosp, John Hosp and Kenneth Howell

Curriculum-based measurement (CBM) has been adopted by growing numbers of school districts and states since the publication of this definitive practitioner guide and course text.

The second edition presents step-by-step guidelines for using CBM in screening, progress monitoring, and data-based instructional decision making in PreK-12. It describes the materials needed and all aspects of implementation in reading, spelling, writing, math, and secondary content areas.

Twenty sets of reproducible CBM administration and scoring guides and other tools are provided; the large-size format and lay-flat binding facilitate photocopying. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.

New to This Edition:

- Broader grade range - now has a chapter on secondary content areas.

- Chapter on early numeracy; expanded content on early reading.

- Nearly twice as many reproducible tools, including new or revised administration and scoring guides.

- Key updates on graphing and on using online CBM databases.

See also The ABCs of Curriculum-Based Evaluation, by John L. Hosp, Michelle K. Hosp, Kenneth W. Howell, and Randy Allison, which presents an overarching problem-solving model that utilizes CBM. This title is part of The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series, edited by T. Chris Riley-Tillman.

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Picture of the productABCs of Educational Testing: Demystifying the Tools That Sha
ABCs of Educational Testing: Demystifying the Tools That Shape Our Schools

by W James Popham

In the few decades, the performance of American students on educational tests has occupied an increasingly important role in the way we think about our schools. The significance of students' test scores has risen mainly because those scores are believed to constitute the most accurate evidence for evaluating the effectiveness of our schools. However, those who are most affected by students' test scores know almost nothing about them. Many educators lack important knowledge about the fundamentals of educational testing. There is a huge, untapped and oft-unrecognized need for a book that could - in an eminently digestible fashion - provide readers with meaningful understandings about the genuine basics of educational testing - not its esoteric "nice to know" content but, rather, its "absolutely must know" content. This book covers important concepts such as the three main reasons for tests, reliability and validity, test-building, fairness, formative assessment, and the assessment of students' affect. Educators who have internalized the chief understandings promoted in The ABCs of Educational Testing will be more likely to make better educational decisions regarding how to best serve the students in their schools.

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Picture of the productAchieving Next Generation Literacy
Achieving Next Generation Literacy: Using the Tests (You Think) You Hate to Help the Student You Love

Authors - Maureen Connolly & Vicky Giouroukakis

As a teacher, what you want most is for your students to learn – to immerse themselves in rich and challenging content and leave your classroom better prepared for school and life. In English and humanities, this includes developing the multifaceted reading, writing, thinking and communication skills that constitute next generation literacy, including the ability to

read complex text independently
develop strong content knowledge through reading, writing, listening and speaking
tailor communication in response to different audiences, tasks, purposes and disciplines
comprehend text as well as critique it
value evidence in arguments they read, hear or develop
use technology strategically and capably
understand perspectives and cultures that differ from their own.

But as a teacher, you also know how much is riding on THOSE TESTS – achievement tests from the national assessment consortia, the NAPLAN and GAT, and independent state assessments. Is it possible to help students succeed on mandated tests without sacrificing your values, your creativity, and their education? Yes, it is possible. This book shows you how.

This is not a test-prep book. It is not about “drill and kill” practices that narrow learning so that students will pass an exam. Instead, authors Maureen Connolly and Vicky Giouroukakis present a lesson planning approach for the secondary classroom that generates test success as a by-product of comprehensive literacy learning. After a comparative analysis of how current English assessments measure literacy, they model a backward design-based process for using these test items as a tool to create engaging and effective instruction. With 6 sample lessons, 42 instructional techniques and tips for differentiation, this practical resource will empower you to help the students you love become capable, literate individuals who are also well-prepared to ace high-stakes tests.

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Picture of the productActivities and Assessments Using the Australian Curriculum
Activities and Assessments Using the Australian Curriculum

Author - Carolyn Coil

If you are a teacher, an administrator, a professional development coordinator or are in any other position of educational leadership Activities and Assessments Using the Australian Curriculum will:

1. give specific examples of differentiated activities to teachers at all year levels
2. clarify how to set up and plan for student choices
3. explain how to write and implement tiered lessons and units
4. translate theory into sound educational practice.

Discover 50 “how-to” differentiated units of work with student activities and their corresponding assessments:

1. Twenty-one Noughts and Crosses student choice activities and assessments.
2. Nine Upper-Primary Individual Lesson Plans™ (ILPs) – differentiated units of work with both required activities and student choice activities and assessments.
3. Six Lower-Primary Individual Lesson Plans – a simpler version of the ILP designed for students in Years F–2.
4. Fourteen Tiered Lessons/Units with assessments.

This revised edition of Activities and Assessments Using the Australian Curriculum also features content descriptions from various learning areas, including the Australian Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, and The Arts (Visual Arts). While the activities in this book are primarily intended for use with F–6 students, content descriptions for Years 7–8 have also been included for use with older students or as extension activities for advanced students.

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Picture of the productAdvancing Formative Assessment in Every Classroom

Author: Connie Moss & Susan Brookhart

Advancing Formative Assessment in Every Classroom: A Guide for Instructional Leaders

Making formative assessment the norm in every classroom throughout your school is much easier when you have this book's clear guidelines and simple steps. Using examples from their extensive work with teachers, the authors give you the strategic talking points, conversation starters, and ready-made tools. Here's your chance to get what you need to help your school embrace a major cultural change that leads to better teaching and learning.

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Picture of the productAges and Stages Questionnaires: A Parent-Completed Child Mon
Ages and Stages Questionnaires®:Social-Emotional (ASQ:SE-2™): A Parent-Completed Child Monitoring System for Social-Emotional Behaviors Starter Kit 2ed

Author: Jane Squires, Diane Bricker and Elizabeth Twombly

The Starter Kit is part of the ASQ:SE-2 screening system. ASQ:SE-2 is the NEW edition of the bestselling screener trusted to uncover possible social-emotional issues as early as possible during the crucial first 6 years of life. The 9 age-appropriate ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires effectively screen 7 key developmental areas: self-regulation, compliance, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, social-communication, and interaction with people. Convenient, easy online completion and management for ASQ:SE-2.

What's New in ASQ:SE-2
ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires are better than ever, with helpful new features like:
- New 2 month questionnaire: Reliably screen and start monitoring children as young as 1 month, so critical interventions can start earlier.
- Screen through kindergarten: Now you can screen children from 1–72 months with no gaps, so you can use ASQ:SE-2 through kindergarten and the transition to school.
- New behavior and communication items designed to elicit parent concerns that may point to autism and early communication issues.
- New data and cutoffs: ASQ:SE-2 is based on updated research and a large sample size of more than 14,000 diverse children.
- New monitoring zone that clearly identifies children who are close to the cutoff and should be monitored and rescreened.
- Questionnaire items revised and refined based on user feedback, to help parents provide the best responses.
- Sturdy, convenient new box with a handle for easy portability.

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Picture of the productAn Educators Guide to Steam
An Educator’s Guide to STEAM: Engaging Students Using Real-World Problems

Cassie F. Quigley, Danielle Herro

This practical book will help readers understand what STEAM is, how it differs from STEM and how it can be used to engage students in F–8 classrooms. The authors present a conceptual model with recommendations and classroom examples illustrating various key aspects of STEAM teaching in action, including creating the correct teaching environment, integrating STEAM content and supporting students as they develop STEAM-related skills.

The model includes specific strategies such as problem-based learning, student choice, technology integration and teacher facilitation. Each chapter incorporates elements of connected learning – a type of learning that draws on students’ interests that teachers can capitalise on when using STEAM to address real-world problems. Readers will find easy-to-understand examples of what STEAM education looks like in a variety of classrooms, and will hear from teachers, instructional coaches, principals and administrators about what it takes to ensure that STEAM is a schoolwide success.

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Picture of the productAssessing 21st Century Skills: A Guide to Evaluating Mastery
Assessing 21st Century Skills: A Guide to Evaluating Mastery and Authentic Learning

Author - Laura Greenstein

Go beyond traditional paper-and-pencil tests!

The Common Core State Standards clearly define the skills students need for success in college and the 21st century workplace. The question is, how can you measure student mastery of skills like creativity, problem solving, and use of technology? Laura Greenstein demonstrates how teachers can teach and assess 21st century skills using authentic learning experiences and rigorous, varied assessment strategies. Based on the best ideas of renowned experts in education, this book provides a framework and practical ideas for measuring

•Thinking skills: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and metacognition
•Actions: communication, collaboration, digital and technological literacy
•Living skills: citizenship, global understanding, leadership, college and career readiness

Included are numerous rubrics and checklists, a step-by-step model for developing your own classroom assessments, a lesson planning template, and sample completed lesson plans. Assessing 21st Century Skills gives you the tools and strategies you need to prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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