Author Spotlight:
Lee Crockett

Lee Watanabe Crockett is an author, speaker, designer, inspirational thinker and the creative force behind some of the most exciting transformations in education happening worldwide today. He believes in creating balance in the reality of a digital present and future. As such, he has cultivated skills in Aikido, studied tea ceremony while living in Japan, and studied painting in Florence. He also studies traditional Zen Buddhist music which he performs on a Shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute.

Lee has a curiosity about life and the shared human experience. This curiosity is infectious, as anyone who has heard him speak can tell you. Joyful curiosity is the foundation of his approach to creating vital learning and corporate environments for groups around the world. He is the creative force behind the Solution Fluency Activity Planner—a social network which has created a culture of collaboration for educators around the world to share and source unit plans that align to the structure of a modern learning environment, as outlined in his writing.

In addition to creating digital learning tools for the education sector, Lee has adapted his own corporate experience into a dynamic team-based training model. Lee sees and understands the current of endless exponential change that exists in corporate culture—change which has created paradigm shifts for so many major industries. Lee’s ability to sense trend, identify opportunity and pivot in response to adversity has been invaluable to his clients.

Lee is co-author of Understanding the Digital Generation, The Digital Diet, Living on the Future Edge, and the best-seller, Literacy is not Enough. He continues to work with educators and corporations in several countries, helping them make the shift to regain relevance and establish a culture of excellence.

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Growing Global Digital Citizens: Better Practices that Build Better Learners

by Andrew Churches & Lee Watanabe Crockett

Growing Global Digital Citizens: Better Practices That Build Better Learners explore show teachers and administrators can transform education through the essential concept of global digital citizenship (GDC). Embraced by thousands of schools worldwide, GDC practices empower students to effectively and ethically participate in their online... Details
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Mindful Assessment: The 6 Essential Fluencies of Innovative Learning

Authors - Lee Crockett and Andrew Churches

Mindful Assessment: The 6 Essential Fluencies of Innovative Learning outlines six critical skills necessary for students to succeed in the 21st century world. Lee Watanabe Crockett and Andrew Churches assert that, in order to effectively support modern students, teachers must see their teaching as a response to learning, rather than seeing learning ... Details
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Future-Focused Learning
Ten Essential Shifts of Everyday Practice

Lee Crockett

When educators embrace student-centered learning, classrooms transform, authentic learning comes alive, and outcomes improve. A culmination of Lee Watanabe-Crockett's ten-plus years of work with schools around the world, Future-Focused Learning details ten core shifts of practice--along with simple microshifts--you can use with your students immediately, regardless of your... Details
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Author: Ian Jukes, Ted McCain & Lee Crockett

Understanding the Digital Generation: Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape

Today's world is different for our children. The technologies we take for granted or simply don't understand have become a part of our children's identities. This digital bombardment is shaping who they are and who they will become. We must realise they live in a different world, and speak a different language. This resource examines ... Details